About Geoffrey Kent

Geoffrey Kent – Master Teacher, Coach, Entrepreneur and founder of

Leveraging more than 40 years of successful serial entrepreneurship, and everything he has learned and knows, Geoff has developed a comprehensive methodology to help entrepreneurs build their own, unique, customized strategy for responsibly scaling exponential business growth. Geoff teaches entrepreneurs (whether struggling to start a business venture, or grow one), how to connect their entrepreneurism with their passion. By engaging with ThinkBigWithGeoffreyKent, you will learn how to be laser focused on becoming market dominant, how to build highly effective sales advocates using unconventional alliance partners, how to consistently overachieve expectations by measuring and monitoring the right metrics, and how to execute at a world-class level by checking personal ego at the door.

Geoff obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing from the University of Oklahoma; spent a semester on exchange in the Masters of Business Administration Degree program at the Rotterdam School of Management in Rotterdam, Netherlands; and obtained a triple-discipline, triple-major Masters of Business Administration Degree in Entrepreneurial Management, Multinational Management, and Arts & Entertainment Management from the Wharton School of Business. As a young professional, Geoff held key management positions at Xerox, AT&T, and became CEO of a Chicago-based portfolio company in the fast-rising digital imaging industry owned by former NBA star Julius Erving. At Deloitte Consulting Group, Geoff’s senior management position yielded specializations in strategic planning, business process reengineering, and reorganization services. Always the perennial entrepreneur, while in Rotterdam, Geoff’s first Master’s thesis while interning at the American Consulate General/U.S. Embassy focused on international business; and while at EMI Music, in the Netherlands, his second thesis focused on arts and entertainment management. Upon his return to the States, Geoff served as a technical management consultant to early-stage ventures at the Wharton West Philadelphia Project (a Milken Foundation subsidiary). He has held other roles in successful entrepreneurial and cutting-edge technology companies occupying major management positions including Director of Consulting Services, CEO, COO, and President; and also served as CFO and Executive Vice President of Planning for Opportunity Finance Network (a $4 billion national network of 167 community development financial institutions that find and finance opportunities outside the economic mainstream).

In 1999, Geoff founded his own turnaround management consulting firm (the Kent Consulting Group), and as its Managing Principal helped companies emerge from business crises. He leveraged that experience, and in 2007, Geoff founded CognisIT; scaling Cognis from its beginnings as a “break-fix” technology services company, leading it ultimately to become one of Philadelphia’s acclaimed — much sought after, full-scale enterprise business strategy and Cloud Computing Managed Services-IT Support companies in the industry. Geoff has an uncanny ability to envision progress and success. His acumen for entrepreneurial execution and passion for helping people makes him one of the most engaging and innovative disruptors in whatever industry, enterprise or entrepreneurial venture he becomes involved with. In 2020, Geoff completed the sale of CognisIT and began the launch sequence of ThinkBigWithGeoffreyKent.com – your opportunity to take your business to the next level and scale it for exponential growth.

Your passion is your passion. What’s more, entrepreneurial success is less likely to come from a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach. Whether you know what your passion is, or need to identify it, discover or reconnect to it; engage with ThinkBigWithGeoffreyKent.com and begin operating and executing on your entrepreneurial talents at a world-class level. ThinkBigWithGeoffreyKent!


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